Rechargeable coin cells with

5x higher power for medical wearables and IoT devices


We solve battery problems

We don't just sell batteries. We provide a unique set of services that allows every customer the ability to customize to their needs.

Battery prototype tailored to your device in 6 weeks

Several prototypes and design iterations before your product launch

Launch a better product

Best rechargeable batteries for wearables & IoT sensors

As a leader in battery innovation, Millibatt aims to provide  the best power solution for small electronics in the market. Millibatt's  innovative battery allows for high performance and adaptability to fit  into its small size. 


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Nimbus 9

 Perfect for Bluetooth applications

Nimbus 20

Higher power and capacity for cellular IoT and LoRa

Motion Stone

Bluetooth motion capture in a tiny package, powered by Nimbus 9

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