Nimbus Product Line

Nimbus is a series of rechargeable high power coin cells available in virtually any dimensions. Samples of Nimbus 9 and Nimbus 20 are available for qualified customers. If you are interested in other coin cell dimensions, let us know. We produce custom Nimbus batteries in 6 weeks with low tooling fees and minimum order quantities as low as 10 batteries.

Nimbus 9

Perfect for Bluetooth applications


Diameter 9.5mm

Thickness 2.7mm
Capacity 10mAh

Nominal voltage 3.7V


Nimbus 20

Higher power and capacity for cellular IoT and LoRa


Diameter 20mm

Thickness 3.2mm
Capacity 80mAh

Nominal voltage 3.7V


Custom Nimbus

We can build you a custom battery for your product

Contact us HERE if you are interested.


Development Kit

Motion Stone Development Kit is an exemplary implementation of Nimbus 9 in a power-intensive sensing application, sampling 6-axis position at 20 Hz and communicating over Bluetooth. Nimbus 9 enables a tiny 17 x 17 mm package built from off the shelf surface-mount components.

Motion Stone Dev Kit

Bluetooth motion capture in a tiny package, powered by Nimbus 9

Upcoming Products

We are always seeking projects to advance the boundaries of wireless sensing. One area of future work for Millibatt is the development of an environmentally harmless high-power primary battery for high-volume disposable applications.