We work with you to create custom solutions

Our batteries offer numerous benefits to the user including longer run-time, stable wireless connection, less heat generation and faster charging. Whether you are in the design phase or have working prototypes we can help optimize the performance, size and manufacturability of your device.

Our Approach



your needs

We begin by understanding the power supply and demand in your device. Data can be found by reading spec sheets or conducting physical measurements on your prototypes.


Build a model

and simulate

Build a model of the battery duty cycle your device requires. We can simulate this duty cycle with millisecond accuracy using our in-house equipment. That way we can quickly show you exactly how our battery will function in your device. We can also conduct A-B tests versus other battery technology. 


Find your


If Nimbus 9 or Nimbus 20 are well-suited for your device we can provide these batteries for initial prototyping runs without any tooling fee. If your design requires a custom size we can build custom batteries with low minimum order quantity and quick turnaround.


"In my research I tested many batteries to power flexible biomonitors. Millibatt Nimbus coin cells offer longer runtime and more stable Bluetooth connection in a small, convenient package."

—  Marcelo Aguilar-Rivera, PhD
Scientist and Designer



What are the standard size and shape of the Millibatt's batteries?

Millibatt’s flexible manufacturing process can produce Nimbus high-power batteries in any coin cell format. We are continually exploring advanced packaging methods so that our future battery products can take virtually any 2D shape.


What is Millibatt's advantage in product prototyping?

Millibatt provides ease of prototyping that gives the design team the speed, flexibility, and low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) to allow more frequent testing on new product ideas with their consumers.


How can Millibatt expand the client’s product portfolio?

Millibatt Nimbus batteries are available in any coin-cell geometry, enabling custom-designed solutions with performance specs that satisfy diverse clients’ needs.


How much power can Millibatt provide?

Nimbus 9 and Nimbus 20 can comfortably provide peak power in the tens to hundreds of milliwatts, up to 10x power compared to existing batteries in the same format. High power  provides longer runtime, reliable device performance and improved safety.


What is Millibatt's advantage in product design?

Millibatt Nimbus battery comes in a wide range of geometries tailored to all varieties of design requirements that fit into different lifestyles and tastes. Nimbus batteries provide the power capability of a pouch cell in the durable and easily integrated coin cell format.


How can Millibatt provide confidence to the consumer?

Consumers no longer need to worry about losing power on their health sensor and other critical monitoring devices. Nimbus  batteries provide 5x higher power for stable performance, faster recharging and long device lifetime.